Rotax Max Challenge Finals

The final weekend of the season when we drove in Linköping with mixed weather , both sun and rain. It was training a day before then it went well and it felt like I was there with the top (when you do not get out of everyone’s lives). Race day started with a bit of adversity when the qualifiers were divided into two groups and I was divided into the first group , when the track is cooler and slower than for those in group 2. But I managed to be the fastest in my group but ended sadly around 10th place overall when it was such a big difference between the groups.

The organizers saw that it was such a big difference so they took every other driver from the groups. One of the first group got up first and I like the one in my group got a second place and so on. The rest of the day went well with close racing and a lot of tactics . Then it was time for the driver and the final launch goes well there nothing unpredictable happens . I’ll be in the top 5 peloton , we snatched from the rest of the field and it was a tough battle between us for the first place . We were basically just as fast and switched constant position with each other. The final lap I managed to get up to third place and was about to catch up with the runner but the yards were not enough and I never came close enough to be able to attack so I ended on a good third place.

Now it was time for the final and I started in third. The start is good and I come out second in the first corner , followed closely by one . Everything feels good and it feels like good conditions for the rest of the race but then it would not be. After we have run half the first lap so it was a red flag , this is due . a startup crash in the first corner . Coming back to the launch pad and start procedure begins anew. As we stand on the launch pad to start our karts then it rained . And the whole grid is on slicks which means that it gets snot slippery when it rains when you do not get a foothold. Then it will not at all the same conditions , instead of setting the fastest lap , you have to survive ( do not go off).

The start is good, like two again but unfortunately I get hard during the race and down into the investments. Ending in a pretty good location, around a fifth. Fun with one last weekend when you find good speed and it feels like I might be fighting for the title. Well now for the winter period where it is all about focusing and do even better next season.


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