Le Mans (Fr F4 02/05-2015)

00224805_w04052015145525554b6f120c90b.jpgLast weekend was run the second race of the season and then on the classic banana Le Mans where it was rain from the first test to the final race.

Race 1 I started in seventh place and after half the race I was fifth. I was on to advance in the field but so did the Russians behind me. It was slippery and wet Russians make a mistake and brakes too late, the consequence was that he ran into my left rear wheel and unfortunately I ended up in the gravel trap.

Race 2 I had to start last after impact in race one, unfortunately it rained heavily, which meant that we had to restart after the safety car. This made field strongly scattered, making it difficult to advance but finished in 14th place in all cases.

Race 3 I started from eighth place and ended in goals 5th. It was hard battles throughout the race for third place between me and the 3 drivers to. I took the third position into the first curve in the middle of the race. The driver behind me did a stupid and late braking into the second corner after to take back the place. I saw this and avoided turning in to, we would not crash and the other driver go straight in the chicane. He does not let back spot though he should after homogenates during overtaking, and I will then instead attacked from behind.
The driver who genade the chicane received no punishment stated that they saw everything clearly on the films afterwards. But suppose that the French rules apply to the French driver …. A fine end to the weekend anyway.


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