Podium in Lédenon (Fr F4 18/04-2015)

00220629_w20042015154557Stockholm Comforter Reuben Kressner drove home seater career first podium at the 2015 edition of the French Formula 4 Championship weekend began at the Circuit de Lédenon outside Avignon.

The success came in the final of the premiere weekend’s three races, when 18-year-old Kressner kept cold in difficult weather conditions and in the pouring rain advanced from seventh place on the grid for the final third of the net. The visit to the podium marks a strong start to the new season for Kressner, which debuted in the French Formula 4 Championship in 2014.

– It feels fantastic to have taken my first podium in formula car racing, says Reuben Kressner. It was a tough race in very difficult conditions, but I made a good start and was able to grow into the race lap for lap. I noticed pretty soon that the speed was there to advance, so I gave it all – and, happily gave it all the way to the podium!

Kressner had earlier in the weekend were on their way to another point place, when he was drawn into a trepartskollision with no less than the championship’s two most high-profile drivers – Formula 1 sons Giuliano Alesi (son of the former Ferrari driver Jean Alesi) and Louis Gachot (whose father Betrand competed in the Grand Prix context between 1989-1995).

The collision took place when Alesi and Gachot ran together in the battle for tenth place in the weekend’s second race – where the reverse start order applies among the top ten from the first race. Kressner, heading past the dueling duo, was drawn into the case – and all three drivers were forced to break.

– It was sad that it was as it was, but I simply had nowhere to go, ends Kressner. There had of course been fun to get to the finish and take a few more points, but all in all, I’m still happy with this weekend, and above all to have finished it as I did. It was impressive to stand on the podium, and it’s something I love to experience again for the rest of the season.

The French Formula 4 Championship constituted in 2015 by a total of seven races, and continues closest to Le Mans on May 1 to 3 The season ends on the picturesque Paul Ricard on the last weekend in October.

Premiere weekend’s three races were won by Alesi (Race 1 / Race 3) and Sacha Fenestraz (Race 2).


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