Anderstorp (STCC 30/05-2015)

DA1X9598The former F1 track in Anderstorp offered mixed weather. Because I’m not used to this car, I was after a bit of both Test 1 and qualifiers 1. So race 1 I started further back in the field. All of the field started with rain tires, but the track was extremely A dried and after a few laps the track was extremely much drier. Unfortunately we went out with the high air pressure and the first laps I was really fast and took me up several positions. Unfortunately, this was only a few laps and then they took back the race. So I ended up where I started.

For the test 2 and qualifying for two races 2 and 3 I did very well at me and then at the completely wet conditions. Race 1 I started 2nd and rain poured down. I made a good first lap and built the gap from behind. I was quick and hung on the driver in front of me, unfortunately I was a little too hot during the slippery surface and thought that more attachment was there. And I happened to do and unfortunately stuck in the gravel.

Race 3 I started there as second but then we drove on tort basis, but I knew where I was a bit behind the others. Did a halvknackig start unfortunately and lost a position. But then during the race I managed to find around the track and learn more and more. So I could pacea 1: st and 2 nd, unfortunately, was the fourth driver the fastest and lay on my heels throughout the race and stressed. I managed to keep myself cool and calm, and cover up at the right times. So even though he was close several times, I managed to take third place.


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