Falkenberg (STCC 11/07-2015)

DA1X3405During the test, I was extremely fast and was between the 1st and 2nd place all the time. But when we came to the straits differed only hundredths between the top five. Because the other guys had a little more experience, they were able to squeeze out the last, which made me frustrated. Then I stopped in qualifying 1 on the 6th place and in qualifying 2, 4th.

Race 1, I took me up quickly to fourth place. I had the race Pac to win the race. But this path has unfortunately not something really good overtaking place. Which made it difficult to get past another when it was so tight. Last lap I got a kind location, because I figured that I ran for this championship was my goal to end up on the podium. So I thought I try anyway. It was a little too tight and I almost got that yes me past but it went the other way and I lost some investments instead.

Race 2 had the race Pac also had to come first, but I finished in 4th place when I had the same problem as in race first

Race 3 I ended up a bit wrong the first laps, which led to a slow driver managed to get past me. So I was actually 5th during the whole race to the finish, but as the fourth driver had driven the ugly and too defensive and tried to ram me, he got punishment and I got fourth place.


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