Solvalla (STCC 12/09-2015)

STCC Solvalla. Foto: Jerry KarlgrenA really cool event with a kind of “town races” that were just built just for this weekend at a racetrack. Cool and nice atmosphere with lots of audience. Really cool.

The first test was a disaster, and I really just went around and skidded. But it had its explanations, because it was newly laid asphalt, the situation was completely different than usually. So when I came into the pits as I spoke, and the team assembled us and we would make radical changes to the car before qualifying. Then I felt that I really found the feeling I wanted and was able to push. I lay there and fought for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. Unfortunately, I lost the fight and finished in 4th place.

In race 1 I made a very good start and managed to stay on the outside to take me up a placement. In the same turn down 2nd to it for us and get an extremely large skid and go into me. We clash but I manage to knicksa me away. Somehow even the second driver manages to do it in the same turn that I so I turn into him. So after the first corner I roll off the third car. Because I knew that the car did not feel quite as it should, with wings and wheels, so I took it easy in the first lap. But this cost me a position. But after I had felt myself in the situation and changed their driving style to it as I found it again. And was able to get up again, to a third place. The last few laps were really tough for me, when the fourth driver low heels and hustling me. And then came the mass laps. But I managed to keep wits and not make a mistake. And in the end I managed anyway to take home third place in front of my home crowd.


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