Navarra (Fr F4 26/09-2015)

00258398_w29092015001611A really nice and tough order made course in Spain. You really feel how the people are passionate about motor sport there.

This path was quite large and open so this time I would have a problem with my disadvantage in weight. But the test and qualifying went pretty and I managed to get into 10th place for race 1 and 9th place to the race second

Race 1, I can say that I have not really had the speed but because I could reasonably hold the race the Pac I could take advantage of the opportunities I had. And I managed to get up some investments and I managed to fight my way to a 7th place.

Race 2 I started 4th and I knew I had the fastest drivers behind me. So I did that I blocked hard the first few laps and got a hefty gap. Then I took up on the front of me and then I had a few laps for me to get past. Unfortunately, I was not in the few attempts I got and the fast pack behind me caught up. I dropped aware of the first two because I knew that there was a gap to the rest of the drivers. But when it was a little less than half the race still was even them up and then I drive extremely defensively and tough almost to the limit of what is allowed. But I succeeded after many battles to keep my 6th place in goal.

Race 3 I made a good start and took me up a few places but then there was also some fast that took up at me. I dropped past them easily because I was hoping that there would be a fight in front of me. And that was it. However, I had not the race Pac I had hoped for and had built up a little too big gap in front of me. So it was just that I could not reach the stroke position, and could conflicted about some good investments. But I did manage to drive into a 10th place.


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