Pau good speed but not satisfied (Fr F4 16/05-2015)

00230445_w18052015152634Now I’m finally back to fantastic event Pau, which consists of one of the most difficult urban courses in the world. Then you just is millimeters away from the walls with maximum speed and then the shift after shift.

2014 I made my debut on this track, as it was extremely difficult for it was difficult to find the reliability but this time when I came here, I showed something completely different. Already out on the first training session, on wet and slippery surfaces was shown where the cabinet would stand and put the third-best time. Later, it became qualifiers unfortunately I felt that there was perfect with the settings and got the boot possession 6 and 7 to races 1 and 3.

As you may know, on a street circuit it is extremely difficult to get past as it really applies only to lie and watch and hope that the front makes a mistake or take big risks for overtaking. In race 1 went well and I raised myself a position early in the race. Unfortunately, there was a gap there after, but I managed to catch up with the fast and came up behind Giuliano Alesi. He made his mistakes, but unfortunately they were not big enough so that I could get past. And so I had to run a little safe when they turned the starting order for the race second

Race 2 I started then 5, I did an extremely good first lap and took me up to third place quickly. Later I was lying behind the other driver for most of the race and stressed very much. I made this extremely mistakes and were driving by several times. One time I touched the walls even. I had such a good momentum that I had been able to achieve a first place. Because shipyards went and went and I got kind mode after stroke position to overtake. So I made an attempt after the long straight, as the driver in front had blockat extremely high the previous lap so I thought, trying to tuck the nose in the late time so that he would not have time to cover up. Unfortunately, this would be my big mistake, then I turn out to overtake him. Because I wanted to assure me that there would be a collision with him, so I waited out at the last second. And then I came out too late, unfortunately, only a few meters after the braking point. But this was not enough that I would miss slowdown and mild-mannered straight into the barrier instead. Extremely tough defeat after I proved what capacity I had on this kind of difficult driving course.

Race 3 I started 6th and finished as 5th. In principle, I lay the whole race and stressed Alesi, he made mistake after mistake and I got chances here and there. But after my defeat in race two, it was not worth taking more risks so I secured instead home the point.


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