The classic F1 circuit Hungaroring (Fr F4 13/06-2015)

111111Now I came to an extremely warm and nice weather in Hungary. With a bansform and condition of its like.

Unfortunately I could not find the speed I needed, because I’m a bit slower on a motor important court when I have the weight against me unfortunately. But after the qualifying one, I managed to end up on a 9th and 11th place for race 1 and race 3, which was ok. Unfortunately, during the race, I could only happen with tani are in the technical sections but on the straight I had extremely difficult to happen, and I lost, unfortunately, car after car. And I ended up in 12th place.

Race 2, I started well 12 a. Where it went better and I drove myself up because they fought in front of me, and this I could take advantage and be able to hang on to them and use my overtaking skills. Unfortunately, with roughly half the race remaining, I would run if one of the Russians but then came another Russian who was behind me with an extremely foolish attempt to overtake me in the same turn. Which ended with a collision and I need to break, and the Russians got the punishment, which as you might imagine, do not help me.

In race three, I started 11th. A race that was fairly static, but I managed to keep my tires better than some others and it enabled me to finish in 9th place. However, I had trouble the last few laps when a guy had managed to take care of the tires even better. But I still managed to keep him behind me to the checkered flag.


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