Paul Rickard (Fr F4 25/10-2015)

00262874_w27102015232435564b5b1c6f443.jpgNow here we are again, one of the world’s finest racing tracks. Every detail from the depot to the conveyor routes. The weather was at its peak and spectators streamed in over the weekend, a really great event.

The qualifying session went surprisingly well, I qualified in 6th place for both race 1 and 2.
Race 1 I really wanted to make a really great result because this was my last weekend. They held the state some extra long and I started downhill. And unfortunately, I could not keep nerves under control and happened to make a false start. Although I released the throttle so was still “drive throgh” and then race over.

Race 2 I started last after race 1’s results. I did extremely well first three laps and took me 14 locations and was on a 11th place. With that I was not far from the forefront anymore. However, my goal was to get into a 10th place because that is what gives the first score. I was about to take me past the front become more times, Giulioano Alesi but did unfortunately not so I finished in 11th place for really acces fighter. Which meant that I had to run both defensively and offensively.

Race 3 I made a good start. However, there was a crash between me and another driver in the first corner after he had swung into the corner without looking for. Unfortunately, he may break and I lost some places and may damage the car. Then I drive me up to a 7 th place during the race. However, it was too big a gap the front left and too few turns. I keyed into more and more after each lap and was extremely close when they started arguing in front of me, but never got the opportunity attack.

2015 has been a really fun and instructive years and it is just to thank everyone who has helped me and supported me. Now we have new goals for 2016!


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