Karlskoga (STCC 20/04-2016)

reuben0317:00 18/04 was my greatest success as a racing official for the Swedish people, “Reuben Kressner ready for STCC”! STCC is the largest and most betting racing series in Sweden, compared with the Allsvenskan and SHL. In 2016 thus becomes the least no ordinary year for me … I have signed the contract with none other than racing legend and team manager Jan “Flash” Nilsson. There is thus a comeback both for me as a driver and for my team, Flash Engineering, which has the most race wins in the STCC championship history. On my side, I will have, inter alia, the former Formula 1 driver Bjorn Wirdheim, 36, as team mate. I think he can be a very positive factor for me as a racing driver, both now and in the future. He can give me, as a junior, invaluable advice as he is one of the few Swedish racing driver who has ever managed to reach Formula-1.

I also made my first two test days with the new team and the car for 2016, which took place yesterday and today. Awesome team and incredibly fun car I must say! The first day we worked the most with just getting the cars to roll as many laps as possible, when they built together on short notice. The team had done a great job and both cars did about 200 laps without any major worries. Today we loaded all at full speed with new tires here and there. As a rookie and the youngest driver among these top three elite riders who right on the spot, huh say the least, not easy at first to keep up with their pace. They are guys who have the pace to fight for victory. But I worked myself into the car step by step, with more confidence and approached the other. For the last pass, I hit on the new tires and loaded for the first time really really hard. It resulted in a great time just 1.8 tenths from the fastest lap of the day. Thus ended the test with me impressed, not only myself, but also the depot. It was really fun and now we further!


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