Race 1: 6 MAY Knutstorp
Race 2: 20 MAY Alastaro
Race 3: 17 JUN Solvalla
Race 4: 9 JULY Västkustloppet
Race 5: 13 AUG Kanonloppet
Race 6: 3 SEP Anderstorp
Race 7: 16 SEP Mantorp Park

STCC Scandinavian Touring Car Championship is one of Scandinavia’s most prestigious and largest touring car championship, which was established in 2011. The season, for example, compared with the Allsvenskan and SHL are other, even more sports-related series in Sweden.

From 2017 running STCC with international technical regulations TCR. The change of technical regulations will not lead to any changes in the STCC competitions’ format. The championship already has an arrangement that matches the running for the international TCR series – two free training sessions, qualifying divided in Q1 and Q2, three race heats, the latter with the reverse grid for the top.

Touring Car Racing Regulations based on modified standard front-wheel drive cars with turbo engines of 1.75-2.0 liters. The effect is around 330 horsepower. Competition Weight, including the driver, is 1285 kg for cars with so-called sequential gearbox. Cars with production kit will weigh 1250 kg. To smooth out the cars’ performance using TCR of a system based on vehicle weight and engine power.

STCC broadcast live on SVT 2 and posted on SVT play for the gig. A large and generating interest STCC gives a large media value.


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