STCC / RallyX Nordic Skövde Foto: Daniel Ahlgren - STCC

I tested on racing for the first time and then in go-kart class Microsystems.

Was it the first “real” racing year, and even then I went up to the bigger go-karting class Rotax Max Junior.

Did you quickly potential in me and everything immediately became serious. With all this, I received a contract to drive for pros go-karting team Soda Kart, a few weeks later, I was one of the team.

Expertise and willingness fans can be no doubt. We want to challenge myself against one of the toughest and hardest touring car series JTCC. There with, I was also the youngest driver ever JTCC on young 14years. And I stopped at a fine 10th place in the championship.

I went up to the bigger go-karting class Rotax Max where I competed in both national and international, where among other things I represented Sweden.

I jumped in as a rookie in the world’s second largest go-kart class KF2 where I finished in 3rd place in the Championship. Go-karting class Rotax Max that I was more experienced in, I stopped at a weak 4th place after a more than struligt years.

In August 2013, I was one of the chosen few to Sweden and also Europe’s only elite betting sports gymnasium in racing (RIG). As a rule, they just take up three students per year, so it’s a great honor to be involved and take part in the racing program that will make me nowadays first

Became the great year when I drove in the famous formula car class F4 (Auto Sport Academy). It was my first year in a formula car and it brought a lot of new challenges that another driver technology, better competition, more media etc. Therefore, in 2014 an apprenticeship although I occasionally flashed really good.

It has least been an eventful year. It’s been a bit unlucky all the time, but I managed to get a couple of podiums during the year both in STCCs Formula Renault 1.6 and in the French F4 Auto Sport Academy. I also had really good experiences from much work in France with some of the world’s top racing engineers.

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